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  • In Honor of Our Veterans

    We will be closed Wednesday, November 11th. 
    This week we pay tribute to our local military past & present.
    Thank you for answering the call and fighting for our freedom.
    We honor YOU.
Wayne Houle Robert Schule Gerald D Miller, US Navy Robert L Wolff Matthew B Mollohan
Andrew Weaver Roque Woodrich Christopher Woodrich Alonzo Blaire Tom Servaty
Bob Norton Reagan H Lattimore Larry Lattimore Carl Lattimore James Ollmann
Paul Ollmann DeWayne Nelson Don Ringstmeyer, US Air Force Gus Armstrong Beth Carlson
Jonathan Benson Gene Gillespie, US Navy Michael Westhoff, US Army Ben Gillespie, US Army Delmas Hebert
George Stoner Donald McGuiness Richard Hirsch, US Army Sherman Nascene Jerry Moser, US Army
Brian J Stryker Arnold J Walberg  Thomas Janssen, Korean War Robert Chapman

Bob DeRoche, Vietnam

MSgt Vernon Thacker, USAF MSgt Delores Diaz, USAF Len Rizzo, US Air Force M.L. Crosby, US Navy

Robert Wetterling, US Army 

Justin Pinna, US Army Michael Butler M.A. Zaruba Harvey Glowaski

James Deitner Sr

Don Holl Don Walbridge Marty Goodale Michelle Goodale Jerry Nelson, US Navy
Andy Brant, US Army  Amy Nelson, US Army Reserve Greg Piasecki Gene Dufeck, US Navy Jerry Dufeck, US Navy
Stephen Dufeck, US Army Chet Rieck, USMC Danny Rieck, USMC Barney Rieck, USMC Gary Kunshier, USMC
Dale Berry, US Air Force Dennis Berry, US Air Force Neil Gatzow, USMC Tom Sausen, US Navy  Chris Kuehn, US Navy
Jim Karsky, US Army Don Grant, US Navy John Grant, US Navy Byron Olson, US Navy Vera Rieck, Army Nurse Corp.
Travis Ostlund, Gulf War MSGT James Cole, WWII & Korea Dorman Trippler, USMC Harold Ostlund, Vietnam Ernest A Olson
Jim Hoffman, USMC James Stewart, US Air Force Jorge Stewart, USMC Clyde B Fulks Vernon Rylander
Richard Danner Dann Carlson Tony Carlson Myles Carlson Marvin Carlson
Glenn Carlson Bob Crose Jim Dudley, US Army Clinton Lund, Navy Gordy Maier, US Air Force
Lloyd West, US Army Joe LaCasse  Bernard J Tauer, Vietnam John Legus Milton E Dale, Jr
Jim Vierling Troy Krause, USMC Abby Krause, USMC John C Steele, US Army  Nicholas Schweich, US Navy
Donald Juneski, US Navy David Juneski, US Navy Bruce Steele, USMC Kenneth White, Air Force Fred Kobs, US Navy WWII
Glenn Tempte Ron Buske, SeaBees Dave Kunde, SeaBees James Moore, US Army Clayton Moore, US Army
Bill Shepard, US Navy Ken Waha, US Army Rodney Shogren, WWI POW Kirk Carson Darrel J Vincent, USMC
Michael Ramos, US Army Mielissa Edwards-Ramos, US Army James R Deitner Sr., US Army Robert R Cash, US Navy John Bierman, USMC
Robert Holden Sr Carl Rahn, US Air Force Richard Smith, US Navy Jeffrey Paul Ed Irber
David Haugen, US Army Richard A Shogren Raymond P Shogren Robert T Shogren Ronald W Shogren
Allen G Shogren Theresa Sarff  Dave Sarff Matt Sarff Bill Shogren
Tyler Shogren Alex Lebens, US Air Force David Anderson, US Navy Kyle Lund, US Army Ken Schaffer, US Navy
Roger Howard George Frazee Gene Williams Joseph Tyson Mike Tauer, US Army 
Dayle C Klister, US Air Force  Tom Stafki, US Navy      

Please email us to have a loved ones name added to our list.


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